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Default Re: 720P vs 1080i?

If people behind home theater and HDTV content made things understandable for the consumer - they might sell more but they NEVER do that. Seemingly there is a lot of bad feelings left over from past format wars etc...

Content providers would WAY rather sell you more 1080i channles than better looking 1080p ones. Until the bandwidth gets REALLY wide (think 5 to 10 years down the road) expect to see more of the iPods effect - more options with lower quality. Consumers (not us) seem to want that.

The think I am excited about is DirecTVs claim of 150 HD channels. Dish has more HD now but that could be eclipsed soon assuming DirecTV gets thier bird launched soon. I heard the rocket they planed on using blew up on another mission thus the delay. I am not sure of that however.
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