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Default Has anyone used a PlayStation 3 as a SACD player ? Real Question...

I just bought one to be a blu-ray DVD player and a DVD player. I have not had a chance to use it yet because I am still working through the connection options to my tube pre-amp for the audio portion of the playback.

I hope that it will be a good DVD and blu-ray player. I have a good DAC. Using the digital optical out of the PS3 I am hoping for good CD sound and DVD sound, mostly because the DAC I have reclocks the stream. Meitner bitstream DAC...

But, if I understand SACD, it can't go through a DAC. Therefore, I am limited to the weird PS3 multi-AV out converting to RCA by a cable adapter as the only way to connect it to my pre-amp for playing SACDs. Have you done this ? What can I expect as far as sound quality ? For $400 I suppose that I can't expect a great DVD, blu-Ray, CD and SACD player that just happens to be a great gaming component, but I am hoping that it is at least OK to good in all of these regards. I am the most skeptical about its SACD prowess.

Any personal experience with the PS3 in any capacity would be appreciated. I have read everything from glowing to terrible reports on this unit for DVD and audio quality. I think that the firmware version has a lot to do with the variability.


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