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Default Just bought PS3 - audio connection to tube preamp question(s)


I just bought the 40 GB PS3 primarily as a Blu-Ray / DVD Player and I suppose even CD and SACD player. I began to hook it up and I quickly became confused. I don't want to go too far without asking some questions so that it is "new enough" to return if it won't do what I want it to do. I am surprised by no RCA outputs. DVI with RCA out for audio would have been really nice.

my setup:
A. Equipment
TV - New Sony HDTV with HDMI and all kinds of other inputs. Does have RCA audio outputs.
Preamp- vacuum tube audiophile snob pre-amp with ONLY RCA inputs.
DAC- I have a D-A Converter that has digital optical input.
B. I am using the above equipment with the PS3 to play DVDs, Blu-Ray, CD and SACD in a Hafler Matrix rear recovery home theatre system. You may not have heard of the idea, few have. In really brief details, it is not "steered" like pretty much every other home theatre implementation. The front channels are left alone and the ambient information is culled FROM the stereo signal and played through the rears and Center channels. Here is a review of a Hi-Fi piece from a few years ago that did it pretty well:

1. What quality of sound are you getting from the PS3 as a CD Player ? as a SACD player ? as a DVD Player ? I kind of hope that you have good stand alones to compare it to...? The question is relative...

2. I intend to take the digital optical out of the PS3 into the digital optical input of my DAC and run the ps3 HDMI into the HDMI of my TV for DVD and CD. Can I expect good sound going this route, assuming a good DAC, etc... (in other words, is the PS3 and its hookup scenario going to be good)?

3. If you use your PS3 to play SACDs how are you connecting it ? What is the best way for me to do so, remembering that my preamp is a tube job with only RCA inputs. SACD can't go through a DAC. I suppose that I have to take the multi_AV out to RCAs in on my pre-amp. Is there enough bandwidth with that kind of connection ?

Any other input for questions that I should have asked or would have asked if I new more would be appreciated. Caveats, too...


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