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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

So you're basically saying that it is ok for me to post:

BD 2.0 players may not work with all previous BD software.
The better analogy would have been that not all 2.0 discs would play on legacy players.

I'll leave it at that since we've agreed to move on (better for you Lotus, since you still aren't able to actually give any confirmation of product-readiness for TL51).

BOGO's are good for everybody no matter what format. If it gets the BDA off their ass it is good news. Bluray is a good format (admittedly I have issues with all the players still except the PS3 as it is 2.0 upgradeable) but the BDA has been sleepwalking ever since the Warner announcement. The time is not now to stop mass marketing the format.
As someone who owns the PS3 for exactly the same reasons, I can't disagree. I think there will be a big push for BD software this year (see the thedigitalbits for Warner's plans for BD releases), but the hardware side of things is pretty pathetic. At the very least, if BD hardware is going to be prices so comparatively high, it should all be full 2.0 profile spec. You have no arguements from me about the foot-dragging on decent, fully-featured BD hardware (or lack thereof).
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