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Default Re: HELP with Toshiba HD-DVD A35!!!!

I could not find a "mode" switch. What purpose does the switch have on the A2? Also, my cable is HDMI 1.3a certified (from monoprice). Thanks anyway, Lotus, for your suggestions. I would probably just go back to using the A3, but since I already sold it on EBay, I intend to experiment with different settings first. If I find a solution, I will post it here for the possible benefit of others who may encounter similar problems. (I do know that my receiver apparently somehow "detects" whether or not the TV is receiving the video signal, and shuts the audio off automatically, if not; which means that a video problem alone would account for the absence of audio too.)
I also wonder if Samsung's being in the BR camp might have something to do with this, though I know they also make combo players; this receiver is marketed as a "Blu-Ray receiver".

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