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Default Re: Onkyo dropping HD-DVD support

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
If all you are interested in is hd-dvd then that's your deal but all I did was post a legitimate news item about hd-dvd in the hd-dvd section & you are getting annoyed that I posted some facts?

NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!

They're mad because you acted poorly and YES YOU ACTED POORLY FIRST. They don't care about the "news," they care about your poor behavior.

You were called out by "1more4hddvd," in a funny manner. Nothing he said wasn't true. It definately wasn't an "attack."

You responded POORLY. The reason I keep quoting the "snippets," as you put it is:

THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. I don't care what nice things you say, if you end it with a snide remark meant to incite trouble that is what you get: TROUBLE.

You asked for a fight with that statement and you know it. It was the finishing touch to your post and it ASKED FOR A FIGHT.

As for you claiming I'm just calling you out for poor behavior: Go Back and Read my post with all the quotes. I called out EVERYONE who acted poorly in this thread.

"1more4hddvd," may have a differing opinion that you but he never attacked you or said anything "snide," to incite arguement.

Your behavior and Pro-HD630 on the otherhand has been poor. I called you both out for it.

As I said in another post:

THIS NEEDS TO STOP. There is nothing wrong with people who chose BD. There is nothing wrong with people who chose HD DVD. The people both sides should be upset with is the STUDIOS.
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