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Default Re: Onkyo dropping HD-DVD support

Originally Posted by 1more4HDDVD View Post
Yes, guilty. Iím here to talk about HD DVD, thatís why I post in the HD DVD forums. Isnít that what a forum is for? Is that having an agenda?

You continually post negative HD DVD / positive Blu-ray news in the HD DVD section and youíre surprised that members are getting annoyed?
If all you are interested in is hd-dvd then that's your deal but all I did was post a legitimate news item about hd-dvd in the hd-dvd section & you are getting annoyed that I posted some facts?
Should people only be allowed to post positive happy things about hd-dvd in this forum?
Show me where I posted positive Blu-ray information in the hd-dvd forum.

This is not an exclusive hd-dvd forum, it's damn good home theater forum with a hd-dvd section, look around there is more to home theater than just hd-dvd or Blu-ray.

Believe it or not some people come to forums like this to help them decide which format to choose, they may not be as well informed as some of us are & they come looking for the facts that will help them choose.
Should they not be allowed to see any news that makes it look like hd-dvd may not be the best choice at this time?

Perhaps you should spend less energy being annoyed at my posting a news story & start your own post about why people should still buy hd-dvd.
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