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Default Re: How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

You do realize many bluray disc DD tracks are done at 448 kbps. Many even from Sony. I think what people are using is 1.5 mbps DD+ compared to a 1.8-3.0 mbps True HD track. Granted Lossless is lossless. The only area that one codec is going to show an advantage over the other is if like on Ghost Rider the True HD track is 20/48 vs. a 16/48 PCM track.
I'm sure that DD+ running at over 1500 kbps sounds very good, and probably much closer to lossless than the legacy DD tracks on many BDs. However, most DD tracks on BD are 640, though a few still show up at 448.

In the case of WB, their "Dolby Digital Plus" soundtracks actually only acheive "standard DD performance" at the 640 data-rate (what has been said by Dressler). Paramount, however, tends to use DD+ to provide high-bit-rate performance.

Real world benefit of lossless audio over DD+: None that a consumers ear can notice. It's a tech spec that looks great.
That has not been proven, only suggested by a few sources... most of which had a strong interest in defending DD+ as transparent since it's the best that could be delivered given bandwidth restrictions (ala Transformers). I'm sure DD+ sounds fantastic... so does DTS running at 1500 kbps. However, until my own ears can compare and hear no difference, I'm very distrusting of "experts" who'd like to tell us what we can and can't hear. We still have "experts" telling us we can't hear any improvement over red-book CD 16/44.1 though my own ears hear an astonishing improvement with 24/96.

I'd prefer all titles had lossless so the arguement would be pointless.
Agreed 100%. That's the "solution" that covers every possible source-signal, listening-environment, and listener accuity.

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