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Default Re: Onkyo dropping HD-DVD support

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Moose, please read the above and tell me that is not enticing people, calling them names, and asking for a fight. You replied to me:

The problem here is Moose it wasn't in this thread. Nobody was talking about BD in this thread. So a user is reading this thread and reads your rantings and tells you to take your own advice or post somewhere else. That was classy in comparison to you calling them fanatics, whiners, and gloating.

Twice in this thread I've called out Pro630HD for acting poorly as well. There is no need to tell you to get a girl.
OK it's obvious to me you are the one stirring things up here.
Instead of reading my post you drag back out my responses to people attacking me while not quoting the original attack so you can try to make me look bad while at the same time claiming to be trying to be a peacemaker.
Quit bringing up old stuff & just reply directly to my last post.
If you can't do that just don't reply to my posts at all.

Let's see just who actually has an agenda here.
1moreforHDDVD has 97 posts in this entire forum, everyone is in a format war type thread.
Pro-630HD has 177 posts & only 2 of them are not related to the format war.
Look it up if you don't believe me, it only took me a couple of minutes each to find all their posts.
I'm in like 3/4 of the different areas in this forum posting info & asking & answering questions.
Yet I seem to be spending a lot of time defending myself from attacks buy 1moreforHDDVD & Pro-630HD & the attacks are against me not the information I post.
Just who do you really think has an agenda & is causing trouble?

I'll say it again, attack the information if you can, stop attacking the messenger!
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