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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by BDP View Post
Can we drop the TL51 debate? Yourself and David think press releases are fact and others are happy with the information that is out there to think otherwise.
My wife says this is the same type of behavior the game consoles get online and we should fight it the same way they do. So here goes:

*** The Following is an example of what DaViD is doing with TL51 and is not true ***

Blu-Ray 2.0 players are incompatible with all current BD software and won't play the movies. In addition they won't work on non HDMI 1.3 TVs at all!

*** Repeat the above is not true at all, but it's the same logic as DaViD is using ***

Under Ken and DaViD's use of logic that will remain true on these boards until someone from mainstream media reports otherwise. Press Releases, etc. will not count! To further justify it, I could even have a friend post it on his blog that he heard "from someone at Sony," that "BD 2.0 Players may not be able to play older BD titles or work on TVs without HDMI 1.3."

Then we'd be doing the exact same thing they are with TL51s.

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