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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by Ken2413 View Post
White papers are not proven by science, they are proven by working prototypes. Things can work on paper and have science behind them but still have problems that the designer did not account for. If companies assumed that theirs designs would work and did not test them before putting them into mass production then they likely have a lot of faulty products on their hands.

I donít give credence to rumors, esp. about technology, until they are substantiated as fact by supporting documentation (i.e. press releases), regardless of the person, company, or organization that is repeating the rumor to me.

Lotus, you were the one who asserted that something was a fact. If you want people to accept it as a fact then YOU need to back it up with a credible source to show its validity.
I use white papers almost daily for what I do and you are the first to discredit them in such a manner.

Ken have you heard of a gaming console called the Xbox 360? I'm sure it was released to work. How about the average automobile...why do they have warranties? How many times a year to we get recalls for them. Companies release things everyday that in turn don't end up working and our faulty. I'd imagine they had press releases for them as well.

Mazda overestimated the horsepower on the Miata one year and another year overestimated the horsepower on the RX8. They had documented numbers in their brochures until people who took to them dyno said they were wrong.

Press releases aren't always fact either. Nor are written documented numbers from manufacturers.

I know for a fact I get screwed every time I have a fruit cocktail and the outside of the can says 2-6% cherries and there is only one damn cherry in the can.

Can we drop the TL51 debate? Yourself and David think press releases are fact and others are happy with the information that is out there to think otherwise.

Neither one discredits the other.
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