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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by Ken2413 View Post
Lotus, you were the one who asserted that something was a fact. If you want people to accept it as a fact then YOU need to back it up with a credible source to show its validity.
Ken since you haven't been here long let me give you the timeline:

1. I post that the DVD Forum has approved TL51s and we may see announcements of titles at CES. This was later confirmed (the first part) by the press.

2. DaViD Boulet posts that TL51s are incompatible with current players. He posts a link to Bill Hunt's website where a blogger (bill hunt) says he heard from someone at Toshiba that they "may not," work with current players.

Since then DaViD has been routinely trying to keep this stance. Since then someone from Toshiba has said that they will work. A new outlet has reported it as well as someone getting an email from Toshiba tech support about it. DaViD continues to go on and on about them not working.

As for you allusion that Commercial White Papers aren't credible I don't know what to say about that. It goes against the difinition of a commercial white paper!
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