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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

If something that someone says is fact cannot be substantiated with a credible source, then most people in the world would consider it a rumor and not a fact. If they want to show that it is a fact and not a rumor, all that they have to do is provide documentation from a credible source.

Lotus, an electrical engineer can design something to do a specific task, but just because it was designed to do the task does not, in fact, mean that it does what it was designed to do, regardless of who designed it or what is was designed to do. Until said engineerís white paper specifications are proven to properly work, it does not matter how many (or how few) people sign off on them. Once successful prototypes are produced and tested successfully multiple times the technology is proven to work. That is why companies donít produce in bulk immediately after a design is come up with. They want to be sure that they will not lose the money that they spent retrofitting a facility to produce it because of an unforeseen problem. When something has to work with existing technology, such as existing players, it is far more likely to have unexpected problems than if they are dealing with totally new technology.

Someone said that only Microsoft, Toshiba, Universal, Paramount, or any other member of the HD DVD PRG can comment as to the readiness of these discs. If you (or anybody) will simply provide a link to or a direct quote (with proper source citations) from a credible source (i.e a press release) showing that the TL51s have been tested in older machines, are playing properly on them, and that they are in the process of retrofitting any of their HD DVD production facilities to manufacture TL51 discs, then people will consider it a fact instead of a rumor.
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