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Smile Re: I am thinking of getting an Audiophile only server

Originally Posted by The Computer Audiophile View Post
Checkout TONE Audio volume 11. Jeff Dorgay reviews the unit. Linn also makes a great music server as long as we are talking about rather spendy items. I think the Sooloos is more of a computer content manager than an Audiophile item. It is built like a business class server with redundancy and a great user interface. Nobody who has the cash for this is going to use the built in DAC. In a sense sticking with an traditional audiophile component company for a computer disguised as a music server may not be the best option. Just a thought.

I think the Sooloos is the Bentley of music servers though. High class, no nonsense, touch the screen and hear music.
I hear you on sticking w/an audiophile company for a computer. I know I am not ready for that yet. The whole idea of using computers and software with music is where we are going, but i don`t like it. Due primarily, to computers unreliability. Freezing up, crashing, all the things we know about computers. Even these firmware updates for the HD players, while a good customer service tool, I`m like, leave the music, to the music!!
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