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Originally Posted by prerich View Post
I know many of us are englamored by the technological advances of today. They are coming at an exponential rate - and its hard to keep up. I've wondered, however, do any of the people on this forum have vintage speakers that they just won't give up? Let me start things off.

I have a set of Snell E-II's plus a single - I used these as my LCR in my HT until two of the tweeters where hit by a freak lightning storm (the original foster tweeters are no longer made - the only replacements available are from Audio Note).

I have an emergency array of Infinity RS-6b Kappas - coupled with a good sub - these spearkers, although power hungry, out perform may higher priced modern models. I have received many a complement as to the sound of this particular array - The emit tweeters have an open sound, and pans are seamless across the front speakers.

What do you have that's vintage but still hangs with modern speakers?
Excellent. I remember the Kappa`s well. Back in the day, my first audio dept. I worked for was Sam Goody. And we sold Infinity speakers (when Arnie Nudell was still there) and SAE electronics. That was the IRS days for Infinity. Then, the Kappas came later on. Nice sounding speakers.
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