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Default Re: HELP with Toshiba HD-DVD A35!!!!

Originally Posted by rex View Post
I recently upgraded my Toshiba HD-DVD A3 to an A35. However, I could get no signal to come thru on the HDMI output. Toshiba tech support was of no help solving the problem, suggesting that the unit was defective. Instead of sending it in to Toshiba for repair, I decided to exchange it for a new replacement from my retailer -- (Amazon paid for the return postage, which Toshiba would not do, and shipped a new repacement overnight delivery by FedEx for no additional charge.) However, when the replacement arrived, I discovered the same problem, the HDMI signal still doesn't work. AAARRGH!
The source of the problem seems to be an incompatibility between my AV receiver and the A35. (The HDMI works when connected directly to the TV.)
Once again Toshiba tech support was of no help. They could not understand why (when set to the same resolution, 720p) the HDMI signal from the A35 would not be compatible with my receiver, when the A3 signal was. Neither audio or video comes thru on the A35.
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Are there any settings on the A35 that could make a difference? My receiver is a Samsung HT-AS720S which I would prefer not to have to replace. The sound is better than systems costing several times more.
You need Firmware Update v1.3 more than likely. It came out to handle certain HDMI handshake issues with certain Receivers made by Etronics. I believe that Samsung is one of the lesser known ones.

If that doesn't solve it let us know, and I'll plow through the manual and try and help you out.
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