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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by kkozma View Post

Care to comment on the shake up that's going on with Time Warner today? There's a couple conflicting quotes out there right now, but the one thing in common with them is that they (TWX) are trying to decide what's best for their film division. Is this maybe the window of opportunity someone looking to buy a movie studio might have been waiting for?

"Bewkes also said that the company plans to reduce corporate costs by 15%, which would save the company $50 million. And the new CEO questioned whether Time Warner should keep both Warner Brothers and New Line film studios. "


Different version from a diffrerent source.

"Bewkes also said the company will look to aggressive cost cuts, including an initial slash of corporate spending by more than 15% and a cost reduction at Time Warner's New Line film studio. Bewkes questioned whether it makes sense to have separate infrastructures for the company's Warner Brothers and New Line film studios. "

He's basically saying that New Line is "dead," and that they're seriously looking into merging New Line and WB.

However some could see it as a "New Line," is for sale. All New Line has going for it is "The Hobbit," but that alone would push New Line's costs to nearly $8B to purchase (if they were willing to sell).
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