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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

"it has 18TB of HD space (and growing). It holds my entire CD, DVD, BD, and HD DVD collection currently."

Wow! You have a serious investment in hard drives. Sounds like you have a lot of time and money invested in your HTPC.

I looked into a HTPC a while back, and just decided that the way I would want to build it up would be very costly and timely for me, not to mention how it would try my patience to move over all my media to hard drives. I could barely sit through the monotony of converting CDs to MP3s. I think I only managed to to get through about 20 or more before I quit. So, I just decided to stick with the changers I already have.

I know Media Servers don't mean downloadable content, I was just also trying to answer Ken's question, "Will the CD, DVD, and for that matter even HD DVD and Blu-ray discs all be gone soon for downloadable media?" in my post as well.
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