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Default Re: How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I am really surprised to hear you say this!

In my modest bedroom system the difference between DD and uncompressed PCM is HUGE! Now mind you for most of my testing I was using concert Blu-rays, so it was music I was listening to, but even on film I found the difference to be immediately noticeable.
It depends on the quality of the DD+ but for the most part in movies you can't tell the difference. DD and PCM would be huge. DD+ and PCM not so much and definately not to most consumers. I thought there was a much bigger difference before I took part in the blind tests. Afterwards I realized just how good DD+ could be.

Concert discs rarely have the budget for sound that a movie disc gets. With a few exceptions I'd guess the lossless tracks should be better on concert discs.

The best sounding HDM of last year was a Dolby Digital Plus track. DD+ properly utilized can sound flat out amazing and approach near lossless quality.

The difference between DD and DD+ however is quite significant.
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