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Default Re: How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

Originally Posted by PRO-630HD View Post
You better have one hell of a system. I own a Pioneer Elite THX receiver and all my speakers are Polk LSi which is their top of the line and I even find the difference questionable factoring out the placebo effect.
I have a NAD Master Series Pre-Pro, Bel Canto mono amplification for my front/center, Martin Logan's top of the line fronts and center, ML Fresco rears and Outlaw mono amps for the rears. I have all new Mapleshade cables in my system too. I think it's about $30K worth of stuff.

Even with that I can't tell the difference except in certain scenes and I know what to listen for. If I didn't tell anyone the difference I bet about 50% could tell if I played the scenes back and forth.

It's really not that big of a deal and I'm as Audiophile as they come.
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