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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
DVD and CD changers have been around for a long time. You can easily set them to random play. If something happens to your changer, you don't loose all your media content.
This is interesting because people are used to the benefits of a Media Server. As you mentioned they are very much like a changer. The downside is as you said losing your content.

I think getting people to move to only downloadable media will take a long, long time.
Same here. It might happen in 30 years. There will always be a market for actual Media in a hard copy.

However Media Servers don't mean "downloaded content," but just a one box solution to hold your media. I have a HTPC that I recently modified to use the Control4 software (I'm probably breaking all kinds of rules with that) and it has 18TB of HD space (and growing). It holds my entire CD, DVD, BD, and HD DVD collection currently.

I still own all those discs. They aren't going anywhere. I'm getting more HDs to provide "backup," for my collection. So if the server does die, I just replace it. If one of the HDs holding content dies, I plug in the backup, and get a new HD to backup that unit.

Currently I'm just playing around with it all. I've found that I prefer to watch movies on DVD with the HTPC, but High Def content through a player. Music is "ok," but I'm getting an Arcam server so I'll put all the music on that. See if I can get an improvement in SQ.
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