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Default Re: How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
Just as input I totally disagree with this statement. While I concede that J6P won't notice difference with the equipment they own I don't believe that is any excuse to say they are the same or that all consumers can't hear/enjoy the difference.
You better have one hell of a system. I own a Pioneer Elite THX receiver and all my speakers are Polk LSi which is their top of the line and I even find the difference questionable factoring out the placebo effect.

I believe that is why SACD and DVD audio failed is few could hear the difference. I have many 5.1 96/24 titles, but question how superior they are to 44.1/16 title. 96Khz is way beyond the level of human hearing as this goes to audible freqeuncies of 40,000 hz.

To me the main advantage was getting a 5.1 mix of the album and many $15 sacd's or dvd audio discs contain 2 albums in one like Seal's Greatest Hits on DVD Audio which is the same as the 2 disc set on CD at a cheaper price.

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