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Default Re: How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

Best HDM audio for 2007, winner? Transformers 1.5 mbps DD+ it won over every single lossless title out there. Need I say more.

In reality hddvd has been slow to come around to lossless audio. In all the advertising I have seen especially by Paramount and Universal the push was for 1.5 mbps DD+ as it was clearly superior to 448 kbps DD from dvd. This obviously with the latest titles is changing. The hddvd side emphasized superior picture quality from fantastic VC1 encodes ( gave Troy a 4.5 star PQ rating, the video bitrate for VC1 on that title is barely over 11 mbps, yes VC1 is that good.) and a whole new way to view extras with U control and IME. It also trailblazed web enabled features. The earliest Universal titles said "The best in picture, sound and interactivity and they were right." Hence the 1.1 and 2.0 compliant bluray players.

Bluray has never been slammed for audio, but it is a video format so with 18mbps MPEG-2 and no extras it took quite a while to shake the bad reputation. I was amazed at seeing Vertical Limit a full 9 months after launch and Sony still struggling with massive quality control issues. MPEG-2 on a BD-50 and it still looked like crap. Although I have yet to see any MPEG-2 title that blew me away. The best was probably Flyboys. Today they are on the ball and really have been since Casino Royale and AVC encodes. They are releasing 2 disc sets and are realizing high def adapters do not like to scimp on content. With the exception of Fox and MGM of course Lionsgate, Sony and Disney are not leaving off extras from the new or catalog title dvd's. This really was never an issue with Paramount, Universal or Warner.

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