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Default Re: Onkyo dropping HD-DVD support

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Or maybe you could start contributing to this forum instead of just complaining.
There is no reason to treat a new poster like this at all. They gave you very polite advice that you should take. Quit enticing people while this War is still going on. Onkyo dropping HD DVD is less a deal than RCA not releasing a 2nd Gen player. While it is news, it has very little to do with the war.

If you just posted news and left it at that then these people wouldn't be getting upset. The problem is you attack people and then when called out on it attack them right back.

"You guys just need to move on and quit "whining," that the wrong format is winning and just enjoy the 1080p movies."

That is an attack. She didn't respond to your news, she responded to your rude opinion. Her response was classy in comparison.

I don't see anyone "whining," about BD doing well. They are upset about HD DVD not doing well. That is entirely different and something you need to try and understand. ONE MILLION investors in something are upset about how their product is being treated.
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