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Default Re: Onkyo dropping HD-DVD support

Originally Posted by 1more4HDDVD View Post
Why donít you just admit that whenever there is bad news about HD DVD, you run to your computer to post about it? Please spare us, donít pretend youíre just passing along the news. When you failed to see the HD DVD Super Bowl commercial, you couldnít get online fast enough to let everyone know.
Ok the super Bowl had been over quite a while when I posted that info, heck the post game show was over when I posted that!
Oh & it wasn't that I "failed to see the HD DVD Super Bowl commercial" it's a fact that it wasn't a national commercial & it did not play in my area.
I don't have to pretend I'm passing on news when that's exactly what I'm doing, the fact the news upsets you so much is your problem not mine.

Originally Posted by 1more4HDDVD View Post
There have been 4 or 5 people to ask you to cut it out and all you do is tell them to leave the site if they donít like it. As if itís your place to tell others to leave the siteÖ
When I'm told by someone to "go back to" a site I've never been to or attack me for posting truthful information just because they don't like that information I feel perfectly fine telling them to go back to whatever HD-DVD fan site they belong to.

Originally Posted by 1more4HDDVD View Post
Your agenda is clear. You go into HD DVD forums for the sole reason of posting bad news. Itís annoying.
Just where do you suggest I post news about HD-DVD or do you think only good news be allowed here?
I put up links to every story I quote so you can verify the information, it's not like I'm making this stuff up or quoting an unverifiable source.

It's your agenda that is clear to me, the only place you have ever posted on this forum is in a thread about HD-DVD, even your screen name shows you have an agenda.
Feel free to ad your own facts, prove what I'm posting is wrong if you can do it in a civilized manner, but quit busting my chops for posting the facts just because you don't like the facts.

In the words of Jack Nicholson it sounds like "You can't handle the truth" that's your problem & that's very annoying.
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