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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

I still use some Kef 104.2's as my main speakers, along with an original Sunfire sub and Kef Ref. 100 center. They are driven by a NAD T-762 receiver. Before the NAD I used an Adcom preamp and Denon POA-6600 (260 watt) monoblocks. One of the Denon's died and I haven't been able to repair it yet. The den is small so the NAD sounds pretty good with the Kefs. The Kef's were $2k 19 years old and I wonder if there are newer speakers that would sound better than the 104.2's. Maybe some Martin Logan's????

In the basement I have a pair of recently refoamed Snell C-II's driven with an AES SET amp. The AES has WE 300B tubes that were made in the Huntsville plant. The Snells sound great with the AES amp, but are too big to use with the main system in the den. They don't pass the WAF. I sometimes use the AES amp with the Kef's, but its inherent hum is a little too loud for HT use.
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