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Default Re: Onkyo dropping HD-DVD support

Originally Posted by gal View Post
If you really feel that way why are you starting a thread in the HD DVD section you know will get that response? Your a Blu-Ray fan but yet posting stuff to get them to bite. Go back to or better yet go watch some of your own 1080p movies?
This is news about HD-DVD, where else would I post it?.
One of the only companies besides Toshiba to make HD-DVD players stops making them, that's news.
If I'd have posted this in the Blu-Ray section you would have whined about that too.

I have never been to

From all 5 of your posts you are obviously a HD-DVD supporter, so if this kind of news bothers you perhaps you should find a nice HD-DVD fan site & hide out there while this all gets sorted out.
Or maybe you could start contributing to this forum instead of just complaining.

Oh & I have been watching my 1080p movies & I have been enjoying them too.
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