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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

the BDA also approved 100GB Blu-ray Disc specs.

I suppose by your own logic you'll accept that all current BD hardware can play such discs without any real-world evidence of interoperability? I appreciate your even-handed treatement of BD50. However, BD50 discs were available for initial testing and design of first-generation BD hardware, so naturally the hardware manufacturers had designed their product in accord with BD50 software support. This statement is not intended as proof that TL51 discs cannot be played in current HD DVD hardware, only that the situation from a hardware side is slightly more challenging.

I'm not challenging white-paper specs and you know it. I couldn't be more clear regardless of your accusations. You continually ignore the basic query to document/confirm that TL51GB discs are actually ready for production. White-paper specs have nothing to do with whether a product has been bought to market in a production-ready form. I forgot, I'm disgusting. I suppose that adjective tossed my way magically produces marketable TL51GB production yields?
Alright David this was an excellent post(could have been slightly less pointed) but previous posts made by you were more of a badgering manner ("disgusting" may have been a bit harsh). Provided you stay at a level of this quality and stop bringing up "disgusting" then I think a good quality discussion can ensue. Understand this is coming from a strong Blu backer that thought it was great the enthusiasm you showed on to push us to buy Warner over the holiday season but we need to show respect on these forums even if we are pushed once and a while, remember in the end we (Blu) are doing swimmingly right now and as it looks, at the moment, several people here made the "wrong choice" so it's OK for them to be a bit salty, if it tipped the other way you know you would be.
So David lets you and I have a Coke and a smile and relax a bit!
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