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Default Are servers the new media?

I know just a few years ago, the concept of scrapping hard media for a server seemed pathetic. Now, many have realized the benefit of having all your music, and now with HD prices falling, even movies stored digitally on a central unit for distribution around the home.

The new Apple Mac Book Air has even gone so far as to not include an optical drive. Some would say Jobs is insane, but if you recall he was also the first person not to include a floppy drive in his computers and now none of us use them anymore.

Will the CD, DVD, and for that matter even HD DVD and Blu-ray discs all be gone soon for downloadable media?

I think anyone who's got a music server will tell you they love it. The flexibility of playing anything without going through your vast collection of CD's (all mine are kept in huge CD books without the jewel cases to save space) makes listening to anything simple and for those of us with such systems, I think we find we listen to things we might not normally have.

I for one would be fine without having discs in my home. If I could download it and store it effectively and securely, I would, and will when that day comes. We are getting closer, but we're not quite there yet, hopefully soon!
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