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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

My college system was an old HK PM 640 (I think) amp and I had the AR monitors then Infinity bookshelves and an Akai tape deck, later when I was a junior (1987) added a Philips CD player when they finally got below $300 that I could afford at the time. I later stepped up to the 80 wpc HK amp as a local store found some overseas and was dumping them for $265. That amp kept running until just a few years ago when I gave it to a friend and lost touch with him. For all I know it still works! The bass, treble and balance section screwed up and made horrible static if you didn't bypass it, but as you could, it wasn't a problem and the thing sounded great.

I went to a friends house recently and his wife had an old basic two channel rig and he asked if I could look at it, it took like three minutes to set up! I forgot how simple things used to be. Last time I tore down and rebuilt my rig it took an entire day!
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