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Default Re: Which power supply???

I have to agree with Jerry. The PurePower stuff is amazing! I have learned a lot about power regeneration since I started with this piece and have found many super high end products have in fact had there own power regeneration built in. Some famous ones are the Mark Levinson #33 monoblocks, 31.5 and 30.5 transport and DAC, and have heard rumors (not sure) that the new Krell Evo line also does this.

From what I found from the use of the PurePower, it seems smart. I have fought power for a while, and been through multiple power conditioners, but none had the impact of the good regenerator, add to that the battery backup and the fact I no longer fear surges, spikes, or transient power outages (which I get a lot of in Florida) and this thing is worth more than it's weight in gold!

If this is too pricey for you, and I can understand that for a smaller system, the Panamax and Ultralink units suggested above are the ONLY power conditioners that will truly protect your system. Most power pieces will save you from ONE severe surge, then continue to function WITHOUT protection. That's sort of like saying well I used a condom once with her... It just makes no sense! The Ultralink models will take a hit and then NOT WORK protecting you from the next strike! Monster and others will pass the next hit, so it give you a false sense of security. you think your gear is protected, and it may be, but you have no way of knowing if it truly is or not.
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