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Default Re: How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
The real world results were high quality PQ and AQ at a lower cost. Then BD came out with much worse PQ (for the first 4 months) and more and more firmware updates. Plus there is the long menu loading times on certain titles (cough Disney).
I have to agree here but wanted to clarify on this. Yes, Blu-ray was worse at first, but I don't think it was so much the format as the software. Sony even gave out free re-prints of it's included Fifth Element as the disc frankly sucked. As time went by, I tried the Samsung BDP-1000 with newer media (and after a firmware update or two) and the picture was quite good IF you got a good disc.

I think HD DVD really had the best starting media, and thus was ahead for both cost and picture quality, newer discs like X-Men III and Ratatouille (yes, the menu load time is horrible) have equal picture quality to the best HD DVD's.

Now, why the heck do the menu's take so long to load? I mean, I just don't get it! They are wasting my time for what? Cute animation that I look at for a few seconds? This needs to stop, and let me skip all the previews too. That would be nice.
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