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Default Re: NuForce: a new player in the high end market

Not for serious listening, eh? It is a shame that FM was once the only place to do serious listening. There are still a handful of stations worth in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, listening to (UNT campus radio on most days, the local NPR/PBS stations, and the classical station), and a station or two in the New Orleans area as well. I considered these worth the effort to reconnect my terrestrial antenna to my tuner. Most of what I hear makes me wish for a "radio brick". I'd say there is a lot junk (content-wise) on Sat too, but the transmission quality is high.

On the subject of interference: I have not noticed it with FM and my Sunfire amplifiers, but I have noticed some strange patterns in the video of my Sony CRT TV when the Sunfires are turned up a tad. I am not sure if these are electro-magnetic or accoustically coupled into the set somehow, but I suspect accoustic - the sound level in there can get really high with those K-Horns.

Originally Posted by enrique View Post
Well i actually was looking into the nuforce awhile back and the interference problem was what swayed me.We do listen to FM music sometimes the stations play pretty good music.It also it comes in great where i'm at.Dont get me wrong it's obviously not for serious listening.
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