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Default Re: Fox and TNT HD Channels all stretched out!

Originally Posted by tstar1234 View Post
Does anyone one know why in the heck Fox and TNT stretch a lot of their programming that was originally shot in 4:3 on there HD channels? It looks so bad. Why wouldn't they show it in it's native aspect ratio so we have a choice to stretch or not to stretch?
Probably because I believe the number 1 complaint content providers get is, "why are there black bars on my HD channel"?
Most of the time when I go to someone else's house with a HDTV when they are watching a SD channel they have it stretched & think as long as it fills the screen it's in HD!

It's all about a lack of education, from the guy who sells the HDTV to the content providers themselves.
"Stretch-O-Vision" is a major annoyance with me & if these content providers start getting more complaints about stretching than they do black bars then maybe they'll change.
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