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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

The problem with both formats is exactly what was stated! The Plain old 480P DVD! Most people, even those buying the expensive HDTVs, DO NOT spend more than a few hundred dollars for the rest of their equipment combined! The norm by far is around $500 for a receiver, surround speaker set and DVD player! I've heard countless people say that DVD is good enough! Yeah, they love HD content from Dish, Direct, and Cable, but there's enough pay per view HD movies and other HD broadcasts to satisfy them on all three. Then you get to the comments like, HD DVD and BluRay isn't that much better than regular DVD! And to some extent I have to agree. I've got an HD DVD player and so far only about half of the titles I've watched are noticeably better than standard DVDs. Sony and Toshiba both should have learned from the SACD and DVD Audio war that the multitudes are NOT audiophiles or videophiles! Sure they like it as good as they can get it, but they're not willing to pay for it like early adopters and fanatics are! I've set-up countless home theaters for friends and advised on what equipment to buy. Rarely can I convince them of the need for a quality receiver and speakers! I hear; I was over at my friends house and his surround system sounded fantastic, and he only paid $300 for all of it! These people are not going to pay $400 - $700 for a BluRay player that plays discs that cost $30 - $35 each! If anybody wants to win they're going to have to get the players under $100 - $150, (Toshiba is almost right there), and the BluRay or HD DVD discs to the same price as regular DVDs. THEN you'll see something happen!
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