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Default Re: Onkyo dropping HD-DVD support

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
This is news not FUD even though HD-DVD supporters might not like it, it affects everyone that supports HD-DVD.
Onkyo was one of the only CE companies to build a HD-DVD player besides Toshiba.
The fact they may drop HD-DVD is something that people should know whether they currently own a HD-DVD player or are considering buying one.

Also FUD= Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt which is what many HD-DVD supporters are feeling right now.
FUD= F*cked Up Data. It's rude and obviously not what you're doing in the case of reporting that Onkyo is suspending their HD DVD plans.

However when people twist data to be more important than it is or to mean something else it becomes twisted and what many refer to FUD. It is generally done by people with an agenda and I know you don't have one to make HD DVD look bad. Everyone here needs to stop jumping the gun and assuming that someone with a difering opinion is using "FUD," tactics.

You claiming that Onkyo dropping HD DVD affects everyone that supports HD-DVD is nonsensical over exageration. How many units do you think Onkyo sold? How "big," was Onkyo in this entire process? It honestly affects nothing much at all as it was just a rebadged XA2 that was slightly tweaked.

It's right up there with the National Geographic decision: entirely not a big deal in a whole.

The only big deal will be Universal's upcoming announcement.

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