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Default Calibrating my JVC RDS-2 with Kevin Miller - interesting lessons learned!!!!

My installer was instructed not to really do anything with my projector when they replaced my Meridian-Faroudja MF1 with a JVC RDS2 and DVDO VP50pro.

Despite FINALLY going HDMI for Blu-ray, HD DVD and my new DirecTV HD DVR - the image looked HORRIBLE. No depth. Awful color. The Super Bowl was anything but super looking. I was getting worried.

Kevin Miller flew in last night from New York and after being fed Kobe Beef hot dogs, cauliflower gratin and home made shrimp caesar salads - we got to calibrating the set. Andrew Robinson came over to sit in on the session.

To get to the point: the blacks were WAY OFF. Using the pluge pattern from the DVE DVD - Kevin was able to quickly adjust the blacks to nearly perfect. We got 11 foot lamberts of light output (near the film standard of 12 and awesome for a home installation).

Lastly, we got into a frame per second discussion. Andrew has had GREAT success with the Motion Flow feature on Sony and Samsung rear projection and LCD sets recently. Kevin showed us how at 24 FPS he could get the same effect on my projector without all of the processing. It was a very "less is more" argument but the effect was powerful.

We watched some of The Italian Job (a MUST OWN Blu-ray disc) including a boat chase scene through Venice that was REALLY good. The detail even in fast moving sections of the scene were REALLY strong. The depth was better than the Meridian. The color looked WAY WAY WAY better. Kevin says the new Sony is even better as I might upgrade but it seems like its the ONLY thing the Sony does a LOT better than the JVC. Even at cost - it might not be worth it. I am not sure.

We watched some of Black Hawk Down on Blu-ray and while that film has sort of a haze over it - the detail was stunning. Really compelling.

Seabiscuit on HD DVD looked BY FAR better than it ever did. The colors were more true and the details at the Santa Anita track were really resolute.

Overall, I can't be much more happy with the image. I just need some time to go watch movies and sports.

Jerry Del Colliano
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