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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by kkozma View Post
In case you haven't noticed, a LOT of bad stuff has been announced in the last 10 days that puts a SERIOUS dent in HD DVD's ability to get software into the hands of people like me who wish to buy it. I also do not share your enthusiasm about any HD DVD buzz because frankly, there is none outside of the ever shrinking circle of people who support this format. There was no superbowl ad in my area, and there was ONE commercial for HD DVD on American Idol three weeks ago. I have seen nothing since, and I watch (embarassed to admit) idol every week religiously.

- Sonic dropped HD DVD support
- TDK says they will no longer manufacture blank HD DVD media
- THREE foreign movie distributors have announced plans to drop HD DVD support
- National Geographic dropped HD DVD
- Woolworths in the UK has dropped HD DVD
- FYE has annouced that they will DRASTICLY reduce shelf space for HD DVD

As for Robert Zohn. Not an insider. Has been wrong on nearly everything he has posted as inside information. Where was the major CE who was supposed to start manufacturing HD DVD players? Where was the BIG news that was to come out of CEDIA? Nothing he has said has come to fruition.

Toshiba has less that ZERO time to screw around here. The longer they are silent, the longer the Blu-ray FUD machine has to work on it's negative campaigns. I'm tired of the wait and see attitude with HD DVD because THERE IS NO TIME TO WAIT any longer. I am an adamant HD DVD supporter and even I am starting to believe that there is nearly nothing HD DVD can do at this point. With every single second that passes by without some kind of SOMETHING from Toshiba, Paramount, or Univerasal, this format race slips further and further out of the thier hands.

Lastly, the blu-ray insiders over on ARE hiding something. They know there is something big coming and are not talking about it. Anytime anyone mentions anything about whatever this big event is, the questions get deleted or the insiders respond with "no comment" or "its best not to talk about that".
Itís just a difference of opinion then. Iím impressed with what theyíve done in only 3 weeks and youíre not.

The bullet points you have listed are all negative to HD DVD, but are pretty much meaningless in the grand scheme. If HD DVD got two studios tomorrow, none of those items you have listed would hold HD DVD back.

Robert has close ties to the HD DVD group. In fact, he appeared on stage with them last summer. He has dropped some hints about HD DVDís plans and when put in context with Jerryís original post (and some of Lotusí comments) I see an HD DVD side that is not complacent, but actively trying to get things done behind the scenes. Where thereís smoke, thereís fire.. and the smoke is coming from a few different sources. But it takes time to put things together! Again, it has only been 3 weeks!

If Universal or Paramount leave HD DVD, itís pretty much over, no matter what Toshiba does now or a month from now. But the opinions of insiders mean very little to me. They have been wrong many times. They have an agenda. If they can cause fear and uncertainty about HD DVDís future, then they would be more than happy to do so, whether itís founded or not.

Donít think Iím only viewing things through red colored glasses. I know HD DVD wonít survive 2008 without additional studio support. I never expected one Super Bowl ad would ďturn the tide.Ē However, I do think Microsoft and Toshiba are powerful enough companies that you never count them out until it is officially over.
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