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Default Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section DVD-Audio (stereo 24-192)

Have you guys heard this disc? It will DESTROY YOU it sounds so good.

Bob Stuart from Meridian got me hip to it and I had to track it down from Japan (thanks to some connections at Harman) in a retail store. I have never found another copy.

Do you know where to buy one in the states? Its a stereo DVD-Audio disc at 24-192. I PROMISE you if you could buy all of your old favorites this way - you would. I litterally would rebuy my entire music collection. Screw MP3 - that's like drinking Colt .45 over a smooth glass of 1959 Dom. (not that you should ever hold anything against Colt .45 - as they say "it works every time" and if my HD DVD and or Blu-ray player could say that - I would be pretty happy)
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