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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by kkozma View Post
Lets get this 100% back on topic here. Is there any time frame as to when Toshiba actually plans to get their thumbs out of their asses and actually do something here? The blu-ray fud machine is in FULL effect, so it would behove Toshiba to do something NOW rather than later.

My patience with them is starting to wear VERY thin. I want to continue to support the format, but they are doing slightly more than absolutely nothing to support me.
Sorry, but I completely disagree.

It has been one month since the WB announcement and about three weeks since the HD DVD side reemerged and vowed to fight. Toshiba has dramatically cut prices. They have advertised on American Idol and the Super Bowl. Most importantly, they have kept their remaining studio and retail support in the US. They have successfully bought some time while they work on some major things.

The very topic of this thread is that Jerry saw some big things and his conclusion is that the HD DVD side is “NOT going down lightly.” Robert over at AVS, who has very close contacts within the HD DVD PR Group, hinted at some major things, including high-profile studio releases and additional support.

So, there is plenty of buzz surrounding future HD DVD developments. They know time is not on their side, if they are able to make some of these things happen, we should start seeing them soon.
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