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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by AudAdv View Post
You wanna talk "since inception numbers? OK

Even with a one-year head start, HD DVD software has been outsold by Blu-Ray software 2:1 "since inception".

Even with a one-year head start, HD DVD has been out-released by Blu-Ray 459:381 "since inception" if you count the 32 Paramount titles that are no longer in production, but will eventually be re-released.

And in Oct '07 it was 60/40 Blu, but now, just 3 months later it's 64/36. That's an 8-point swing, not 4 (28% gap vs 20% for the mathematically challenged) in the "since inception" numbers. 8% in 3 months is HUGE. And if things keep going at more than an 80/20 split, the gap will grow a little faster.
3 months is a 1 year head start? Someone correct me if I'm wrong but it was also only 20 titles or so correct?

What I was refering to was the 64/36 split at the end of the year. The 85:15s aren't changing that ratio. Which means sales are extremely low and pathetic in January.
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