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Default Re: Harvey's Closes Flagship Manhattan Location

There are no Harvey's in my area, so I'm not familiar with them. I am familiar with other places which I'm sure are/were similar. Its sad to say it, but they are just another domino falling by the wayside to the likes of Wal-Mart, Best Buy and the internet. There are only 2 places left in my immediate area where I can go and get reliable advice and recommendations.

I've told my friends dozens of times when they question why I would spend more on something I can buy cheaper at one of the chain stores, "I like the personal attention and professional service I get and it is worth the difference." In most instances, the salesman invested a lot of time and effort in the weeks and months leading up to me making a purchase. He deserves to be compensated for his patience and expertise.

I enjoy visiting these places at least once every other month or so to see what's new and to listen to some of the stuff I see in the magazines. I sometimes bring friends or family members with me so that they can experience for themselves what it is like to be able to shop and compare brands without the glaring lights and pimply faced, uninformed sales people. Places where you can actually sit down and audition equipment properly.

If we want our favorite places to remain our favorite places then it is up to us to pass our passion for music and the experience of pursuing the 'perfect system' on to others.

As for the guy who was put off by the arrogant salesman. Salesmen are no different than magazine reviewers. Some have tastes which run similar to yours, and some don't. Find one whose personality and opinions you feel comfortable with and establish a relationship.

Forums like this are great for exchanging ideas and opinions, but nothing beats a face to face with someone you have a shared experience with; especially if that experience includes a listening session with a killer setup!
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