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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Software sales are so incredibly low right now on both sides it's quite comical. To me the most interesting statistic is that "since inception," ratio hasn't changed. That means that the software just isn't selling right now at all on either side. HD-DVD is dead in software sales right now though.
You wanna talk "since inception numbers? OK

Even with a one-year head start, HD DVD software has been outsold by Blu-Ray software 2:1 "since inception".

Even with a one-year head start, HD DVD has been out-released by Blu-Ray 459:381 "since inception" if you count the 32 Paramount titles that are no longer in production, but will eventually be re-released.

And in Oct '07 it was 60/40 Blu, but now, just 3 months later it's 64/36. That's an 8-point swing, not 4 (28% gap vs 20% for the mathematically challenged) in the "since inception" numbers. 8% in 3 months is HUGE. And if things keep going at more than an 80/20 split, the gap will grow a little faster.
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