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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Moose it would appear the advert didn't play and was bypassed for "local," commercials during halftime in Oklahoma, Texas, and some other areas. It was an error of some sort. I was shocked and thought that the advert must have been "American Gangster," myself but no FOX in about 20% of the nation screwed up.

I'm sure FOX will be forking out some dough over the screw up too.
I think it was a screwup. Was it intentional? Who knows, but the ad is not listed at that myspace link reported during the SB also, and myspace is owned by News Corp, which also owns Fox stations and 20th Century Fox studios also.

It seems like a lot of coincidences to me, but who knows what really happened. I do know that I SAW the ad and it was NOT the American Gangster ad. I actually didn't see the American Gangster ad. It must have been when I left the room for something. I DID see the other ad though. Many other people have reported they saw no such ad so it appears something happened, but it is a funny coincidence that the SB station airing it also happens to be in the opposite camp in the format war, and the myspace listing of the ad wasn't there either.

It would be real stupid for Fox to do something like this as many companies pay much more to make a special ad for the Super Bowl than the cost of airing the ad then, so it could really hurt the network in the future if the screwup was related to the format war.
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