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Default Re: Slim Devices Squeeze Box & Slimp3

I use the SqueezeBox 3 units and Transporter with a NAS box running SlimServer. I have all my music encoded in FLAC.

I am quite happy with this system. It is very unobtrusive and reliable.

For selecting music I can use the SB3 interface with a remote or use the Slimserver web interface. I use both depending on where I am. The SS web interface is accessible thru a Nokia 770 Internet tablet. If I am in the office I access thru my PC.

I am visually oriented so I like the ability to browse album covers and the web interface allows this.

Another great feature is the ability to sync all players. So I can have the same music playing without the annoying echo non synchronized players have. Great for whole house use. If someone wants a different selection then for any unit you can play it independently.
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