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Default Re: HDMI, Easy or Nightmare? How was your experience?

Well, Moose. Where do I start?

Having been an extremely early adopter of both Blu-ray and HD DVD and using HDMI from my cable box before they were supposed to even be active (found out how to reset the box to bypass Brighthouse's sht off!) I have had my share of issues.

Some components simply would not mate to others, the Samsung BDP-1200 comes to mind with my Sony XBR TV, kept going to a purple screen that made me have to go into the set up menu's of the Sammie and switch the type of HDMI output.

Just today I was rewiring the video in my main rig as I couldn't get a pre/pro to consistently pass the signal from my Toshiba HD XA2, I kept having video occasionally drop out every few minutes making it unwatchable. This was despite using anything from Monoprice $5 HDMI cables to $200 Audioquests. The final solution? I needed more switching than this gave anyway so I added an old 3:1 HDMI switcher to the mix after the pre/pro and things are better.

Oh, wait, I had another issue in this switch today.... I was using the cable to test if the video was working properly before reprogramming my Harmony 890 and RF relay, well, I got audio and no picture. I tried everything, swapped cables, HDMI inputs, bypassed the secondary switcher, you name it, nothing worked. I finally tried the other sources and they all worked fine. For some reason I had to re-boot my cable box and then it worked. Again when I re-added the secondary switcher to the mix, cable stopped working again and I had to re-boot the box again.

You are pretty lucky Moose, these are some problems I had TODAY! Don't even get Andrew Robinson started on this one! While I think things are generally better than when the connector first came out, they still are pretty lame. Add to that the design of the connector itself, and horribly lame seems more appropriate!
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