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Exclamation Kipnis Studios to the Rescue!

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post

Do you think posting a FULL SIZED cover of a competing magazine on our forum is a bit much even for a shameless promoter like yourself?

Tacky and unimpressive.

Hi Jerry,

Actually, this is simply a follow up to my earlier posts on this thread about my home theater, which I thought you had suggested yourself. Also, I only posted the very top of the cover, with the tag line, "$6 Million Theater - Look And Lust!" and the portion of the index page that refers to the article.

While it certainly can be argued that Home Theater Magazine is a competing publication to Audio/Video and it's sister internet publications, the apparent purpose of this particular AVRevForum thread is to share pictures and profiles of people's home theaters. This I have done consistently across most such forums across the planet for the purpose of information and opinion retrieval. After all, the specific visual design characteristics that I chose for my Screening Room are understandably quite different than what many would regard as necessary or attractive in a home theater. These opinions have been very helpful in expanding upon my already existing design parameters, and my continuing desire to provide the finest service to the most demanding of clients.

In any event, if and when AVRev or ModernHomeTheater were to do a feature article on the Kipnis Studio Standard Screening Room Designs, I would certainly want to share that article's existence with anyone who was interested, and direct them to "go out and have look." Then there is something to come back and post on the forum!

Cheers and Many Thanks -

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