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Default Re: The "Dark" Side of Going All HDMI

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
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Couldn't you just turn the AVR volume to zero & use the TV speakers?
The HDMI cable carries both audio & video so you should have the signal going to your TV speakers.

The wireless headphones would probably work better though since you could still crank the volume & not bother anyone else.
I'd never thought of playing with the two volumes. That would be a workable solution. Now, the question I would ask is this: are channels with 0 output volume still consuming continuous watts of power even though there is no output?

Alas, the maddening joy of trying to work through settings! This seems like an interesting solution, but my TV speakers don't seem to be working at all, and I don't know why! Can't find any setting in the TV that says they aren't on, and still can't find a way to get them talking again. It doesn't appear to be the Denon - setting it to run the sound to the TV instead of AMP doesn't make the TV start talking either. Probably another lost evening wandering through the Aquos and Denon manuals......

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