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Default Re: The "Dark" Side of Going All HDMI

I've thought about it, and I can't see doing it personally - it's a comfort thing, and I'm a headphone user from way back. I just think the manufacturers are missing a good piece of functionality. The 2308 has a Night Mode setting that tries in some ways to accomplish the same thing, but the truth is the TVs tend to have more than adequate sound for the night time, and just allowing that sound signal to pass through when the rest of the speakers are shut off would be good policy. Hell, it would let them all have an eco feature to offset running a 7x100 watt system!

How about this posit: there are more wasted watts of electricity running the full speaker set of an AVR in one late night of quiet listening than all the vampire charger devices in your home for a week. I've no idea if it's true, but the idle charger for my Motorola phone and the Dell converter for my sleeping laptop can't be sucking down *that* much electricity over the course of a day! Nor can the clock on my microwave.

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