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Default Re: Rumor: Universal Next Studio to go all Blu-ray

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Do you think Microsoft has turned it's back on HD-DVD?
Instead of buying a studio as rumors would have had us believe they just offered to buy Yahoo for $44.6 BILLION!
Between their CES show which said nothing about HD-DVD & this new purchase it seems they are looking towards greener pastures.

Nope - they have the money for both and need both.

Google makes NOTHING yet their market cap is HUGE. Microsoft can cockblock them with buying a studio or two as well as try to hang on in the search game by buying Yahoo. They have THAT much cash.

If I were Balmer - where i would be scared is: Google is going to bid with or vs. Apple in an upcoming gvmt auction for wireless bandwidth. Imagine what they can do with that? How about a free OS, a free "office suite" etc.... MS would be in BIG trouble. That is why I think they are doing what they are doing NOW.
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